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Brief Description:

e-DELTA is PSI’s on-line course for marketing planning. We estimate it should take about eight to twelve hours to read its 13 chapters and take its 11 quizzes. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass each quiz.

There are two ways you can take this course, either…
1. By itself and earn a PSI University certificate for completion, or
2. As part of a workshop that produces a complete marketing plan and earn a social marketing certificate from the University of South Florida in the U.S.

The second option requires a facilitator who has been trained in conducting DELTA workshops or who is receiving support from someone who has. For more information regarding this option contact James Ayers (, Jennifer Christian ( or Fredrick Persoons (

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Average: 4.5 (347 votes)

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Communicate and Share Information
Customer Service Orientation
Drive Change and Innovation
Plan and Organize
Product and Service Knowledge
Results Focused
Sector Knowledge
Size Up Situations
Solve Problems
Technical Expertise

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Time To Complete:

720 minutes

Target Audience:

Anyone interested in understanding and applying social marketing techniques to a greater degree.


To understand how to construct a comprehensive situation analysis
To be able to create an audience profile based on existing research and experience
To understand what makes a strong positioning statement for a brand
To understand how to create 4P strategies based on an audience profile and positioning statement