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Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Aid

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Brief Description:

In this course, learners explore the impact of corruption within humanitarian aid, as well as the skills, tools, and resources they can use to prevent it. This course is designed as a series of interactive scenarios that challenge learners to make choices and share their opinions.

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Transparency International Norway and the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


Act with Long Term Perspective
Attention to Detail
Build Strong Work Relationships
Build Trust and Respect
Communicate and Share Information
Demonstrate Openness and Flexibility
Drive Change and Innovation
Influence Decisions and Actions
Manage Complexity
Plan and Organize
Promote Teamwork
Resolve Conflict
Results Focused
Sector Knowledge
Solve Problems
Take Responsibility

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Time To Complete:

210 minutes

Target Audience:

Field and HQ Staff


Assess what may constitute acts of corruption.
Predict the impacts of corruption in the humanitarian sector.
Minimize corruption by anticipating problems and applying appropriate measures according to their roles and responsibilities.
Demonstrate the appropriate use of assorted anti-corruption tools in various situations.