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Frequently Asked Questions

These are Frequently Asked Questions. If you want to add a question and if your question isnt answered below feel free to Ask an Expert
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As of now, you can only do this through contacting We will try and accommodate. We would recommend that you complete the current course you are taking first and then go onto other courses. PSI is charged each time a student enrolls in a course so ideally we would like to avoid such switches. Please send us an email and we will follow up with your specific case.
Here is a short video showing how this can be done: Usually you will receive an email once your staff have complete their TRaC-T. If they have not updated their supervisor to your email it will not register on your account. Your staff can also send you a "reminder" email with the link to the supervisor TRaC-T as well. 


  1. Click "My Account" 
  2. Click "Edit"
  3. Click "Personal information"
  4. Change your supervisor information as needed. 
Here is a video: 

As of now students will be placed in the top 5 list of students depending on the number of courses they have completed but pictures are not necessarily displayed on the main page. 
Each course you complete is considered a "graduation" and so you will receive a certificate for each course completed. There may be a more comprehensive list of courses required to achieve a given level in the future however as of now that is not the case. 

You can get access to your account at the top where it says "My Account" (see the last image in this post).  Here you can chance any of your account information. Once in the account area (as seen in the image below) you click "Edit" and then "personal information" to access your account's personal information. Under "account" you can change your password and language preferences. 



You cannot however change your username. Your usename must stay unique as it is linked to various areas of the system. However, your username has no bearing on what information is used on your certificate or correspondence sent to your supervisor. Only your first and last name are used on those documents and emails. You can tell what your first and last name is in the system by looking at the name at the top of the screen (see the image below) However, some emails that get sent to you by the system may use your username, but these will only be emails sent directly to you. They will not be sent to anyone else and are purely for administrative purposes. 


Courses such as the e-Cornell course are offered through a partner site and given space requirements and cost, a separate application process is required. For more informatoin about the e-Cornell application process you can see the e-Cornell appplication page.

You can go to "my account" - found at the top right hand corner near the search bar. Once in your account you can select your language there.

By completeing your course content, your TRaC-T and finally having your supervisor complete his supervisor TRaC-T.

The answer to how to change the firefox popup blocking and access your course can be found in this short 30 second screencast.

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